Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment
The Business Challenge

Your organization already has security measures in place for your IT systems, but are you sure they are protecing your systems? According to Verizon’s 2013 Data Breach Investigations report, 66% of security breaches took months or years to discover. Even with security measures in place, your systems can harbor hidden vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit.

How We Help

We provide comprehensive Penetration Testing, designed to uncover weak points in your defenses. During testing, our network security experts will attempt to gain access to your systems, and, once we’ve identified problem areas, work with you to close the gaps.

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The Details

We use these best-in-class tools to assess your vulnerability and help you prioritize threats. 

  • NESSUS Scanner: Comprehensive network vulnerability assessment tool.
  • AppDetective: Tool for assessing database vulnerabilities and monitoring database security.
  • MegaPing:Commercial tool for providing network information.
  • TonLoc | SandStorm: Tool for assessing phone number networks.
  • WebInspect: Automated tool that scans web service vulnerabilities, assesses internally developed applications, and incorporates “threat agents” for several commercial application platforms.
  • AirMagnet: Wireless network analyzer and security tool.
  • Ethereal: A network sniffer and protocol analyzer.