Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Simulation Testing

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Simulation Testing


The Business Challenge

Point-in-time vulnerability assessments provide a narrow view of IT security and do not accurately reflect the habits and attack methods of real-life hackers. To stay one step ahead of malicious actors, enterprises must evolve their approach to identifying and mitigating critical vulnerabilities — or face significant monetary, data, and reputation losses.

How We Help

Securance delivers clients the big picture of IT security via continuous, or persistent, threat assessment. With sophisticated simulated attacks, we uncover our clients’ weakest points, determine the extent to which these points can be exploited, and reveal how long an attack can linger in an environment without being detected. In short, we build our clients’ offense, not just their defense.

The Details

Securance adopts the advanced strategies of today’s hackers with innovative tools used to simulate quiet, long-term network attacks. We will infiltrate the network like a real hacker and attempt to gain increasingly higher levels of privilege, all the while masking our presence from the existing intrusion prevention | detection system.

This form of testing is most suited to organizations with mature or complex IT environments that necessitate more rigorous assessment to ensure optimal security. Part vulnerability and penetration test, part social engineering, APT simulation testing will help enterprises strengthen their security posture and develop a robust, proactive security strategy.

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