Work Samples

Work Samples

Our reports contain detailed information about your IT environment that can be used to target resources, direct improvements, and enhance business alignment. Download a sample to see how we provide our clients the intelligence they need to meet their goals.

The following sample documents are available for download from our Reference Materials page. Contact us if you're interested in a report that's not listed.

Penetration Test Results – Securance penetration testing helps you find the weak spots in your defenses before an attacker finds them. Our detailed report makes it easy to repair the weak spots and secure your systems. Download a sample here


IT Audit Report –During an audit, we work with you to gather intelligence about your systems and processes, then turn that information into a concise, coherent report that business leaders can leverage to improve outcomes and enhance system stability. Download a sample here.


IT Risk Assessment – Before you can manage risk, you need to assess risk. Our approach helps you set priorities by assigning risk scores, delivering intelligence, and developing multi-year risk mitigation strategies. Download a sample here.