IT Security Tools

IT Security Tools

Securance consultants have the expertise required to utilize the best tools on the market and accurately interpret the results to increase your network security. Below is a list of some of the most commonly used tools.

Intrusion Detection &Vulnerability Assessment

The old saying tells us that knowing is half the battle. In over 60% of the attacks profiled by Verizon in 2013, companies did not know they had been attacked until months afterward. These tools help us discover the gaps in your IT security measures by exploiting the same vulnerabilities that hackers use to get inside your network.

Network Analyzers

These programs are often referred to as network analyzers, packet sniffers, or packet analyzers. They can capture and log traffic moving into and out of your network. They are useful when detecting network problems, misuse of the network, or unwanted intrusions. Each tool has a slightly different focus and our experts work with you and your team to determine which tool or combination of tools will deliver the best results in your environment.

Password Cracking Tools

These powerful password-cracking tools help us uncover weak passwords on your network. Considering that weak or stolen passwords accounted for 90% of attacks researched by Verizon in 2013, verifying password integrity for your systems is more important than ever.