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White Papers


It’s never easy to juggle the demands for flexibility and innovation with the need for security, compliance, and risk management. At Securance, we help our clients find the right balance, but there are always more challenges ahead. Our white papers help make sense of the issues, so you can stop searching for answers and start taking action. 

Enterprise Mobility Cover

Mobilizing Innovation: Developing an Enterprise Mobility Strategy
Organizations in every industry are affected by advancements in technology, particularly the push toward mobility. This white paper breaks down the components required for an effective enterprise mobility strategy and the benefits for businesses that mobilize successfully.

Securance Ransomware Cover

Ransomware: Paying Dearly for Poor Security
Ransomware, an application that completely encrypts computer systems and renders files inaccessible, is the most prevalent form of malware today. In Ransomware attacks, cyber criminals exploit data owners by demanding a ransom to unlock the files (and threatening to destroy the information if the ransom is not paid). Ransomware attacks doubled in frequency in 2017 and are predicted to cost the world $11.5 billion in 2019. In this white paper, we discuss common Ransomware variants and countermeasures that businesses and individuals can take to protect cyber assets.

ICS Security Thumbnail

Industrial Control Systems: Security in an Interconnected World
Industrial control systems (ICS) automate and operate critical processes, such as the delivery of electricity, gasoline, natural gas, water, and waste management services. Because ICS support a large portion of the nation's critical infrastructure, security threats targeting ICS also endanger the human population. No longer isolated systems running proprietary control protocols, ICS become increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats as they adopt IT solutions, remote access, and business systems connectivity. In this white paper, we explore current threats and protection strategies for ICS.

Encryption WP Cover

Encryption 101: Data Privacy in the Modern Age
Encryption is the technology equivalent of securing information with a lock and key: encryption scrambles data, such that it cannot be read without a decryption key or cipher. In this white paper, we cover the types of encryption available, controls and compliance requirements to consider when developing an encryption strategy, and the challenges associated with implementation.

Securance Maturity Cover

Managing Cyber Security Maturity
How mature is your cyber security program? Don't know? Here's a clue: if your security processes, policies and procedures are loosely documented — if at all — and adherence is merely ad hoc, then you're not where you should be on the maturity scale. And which scale is that? In this white paper, we explain cyber security maturity, how to measure it, and how to set goals for your organization that will drive continual improvements in your security posture.

Humans vs. Security Cover

Humans vs. Security: The War on Social Engineering
Not worried about pesky emails from Nigerian princes? You should be. For American businesses, the average cost of a data breach is approaching $8 million, and over 40% of all breaches result from social attacks. In our latest white paper, we unpack the biggest risks and threats — and tell you how to defend your organization.

Securance IoT and Medical Devices Cover

The Internet of Things and Medical Devices: Challenges and the Road Ahead
Electronic medical devices have the potential to expedite healthcare delivery and improve physician-patient interaction. But, like other “disruptive” technologies, they introduce new security vulnerabilities and risks. This white paper analyzes the challenge of securing medical devices connected to the Internet of things, recent guidance from the FDA, and what the future holds.

Securance Financial Institutions IT Risk Cover

IT Security and Risk Management for Financial Institutions
As financial institutions rely more on technology to remain competitive and deliver customer satisfaction, cybersecurity threats represent a larger risk to each organization and the industry as a whole. Making up ground after decades of underinvestment in IT infrastructure and risk management is an uphill battle, but industry leaders are taking strides towards a secure cyber future, implementing effective controls to secure networks and systems and defend against insider threat.

Securance Health Data Breaches Cover

Rise of Data Breaches and Prevention Strategies Within the Healthcare Industry
Cyber security attacks against healthcare organizations — and IT security budgets — are on the rise. In this paper, we examine the root causes of healthcare security breaches and offer best practices to prevent them.
Securance Banking Infosec Cover Information Security for Banks from Inception to Maturation
Cyber criminals are not much different than traditional bank robbers. They want to thwart security and steal money. While it’s not possible to build thick concrete walls in cyberspace, it is possible to construct strong defenses that deter thieves. Learn how a dynamic, mature information security program makes your business less attractive to hackers and more resilient if they break through your defenses. 

 Securance Cloud Security Cover


Insight in the Cloud: How Cloud Security Assessments Help Businesses Realize Benefits & Reduce Risks
Businesses are deploying cloud services at unprecedented rates but most admit they are not sure how secure their cloud deployments are. In this paper, we look at what businesses need to consider before expanding cloud services and how the cloud can be as secure (or more secure) than traditional IT services.
 Securance Vciso Cover The Emergence of the Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)
Small and medium-sized businesses have big IT worries: security, compliance, risk management, governance, cloud security, and more. It’s crucial to balance these needs with business goals, but not everyone has the experience and background to provide that level of leadership. Those that do are often too expensive for SMBs to hire. The solution? Scalable IT security leadership tailored to the needs of individual companies. Find out how virtual CISOs are changing how small and medium-sized businesses think about executive leadership and how your business can benefit.