Mobility Managed: Mobile Centers of Excellence

Mobile devices and services have completely transformed how organizations operate in the last decade — from internal operations to the customer experience.

Issues arise, however, when policies and procedures are decentralized and are not integrated into the organization’s overall governance program. Rather than streamline processes and increase efficiency, a patchwork of departmental mobile policies and procedures leads to a lack of consolidation, miscommunication, and repetitious operations between departments that decrease productivity and increase risk to the organization.

Mobile Centers of Excellence (MCoEs) eliminate the ad hoc approach to mobility management and preemptively streamline all projects and governance associated with mobility. By garnering critical feedback from key departments, MCoEs generate strategic, enterprise-wide mobility programs that enforce best practices, standardize the process for undertaking mobile initiatives, and:

  • Identify and leverage preexisting IT standards, policies, and procedures that are relevant to the enterprise’s mobile initiatives
  • Regularly review and evaluate policies and procedures to keep up-to-date with evolving technology
  • Deliver training and support during the implementation process
  • Provide consulting and metrics for reporting

The standardization and adoption of intra-organizational crowdsourcing in an MCoE will help mature the overall mobility strategy. Only with a centralized, efficient mobility strategy can the organization achieve cost-effective, well-defined policies and procedures that satisfy stakeholders and facilitate smooth daily operations for employees who can leverage mobility’s benefits, such as device sharing and “BYOD,” for convenience and improved productivity.