Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

Maryland‐National Capital Park and Planning Commission (MNCPPC) has selected Securance, an IT Risk Management consulting firm, to assist in its IT security initiatives.

Public sector IT networks, like MNCPPC’s, are rapidly expanding, especially with the increase of mobile and remote users, and such expansion opens the door to a host of threats.

Not only do government agencies have to allow network access to a broad audience, they have a responsibility to constituents to employ cost‐effective solutions that adequately protect sensitive data.

State and local governments, MNCPPC included, have the added burden of complying with federal mandates, budgetary constraints, bureaucratic processes, and public interest.

With the exponential growth of web‐applications and technologies, IT security has become a critical component in any organization’s risk management strategy. Many companies lack an understanding of where their systems are vulnerable, and how to adequately protect those systems.

“Too many companies underestimate the risks posed to their networks and data by both external and internal threats,” said Paul Ashe, President of Securance Consulting and Sr. Risk Management Consultant.

Securance Consulting assists organizations in managing the risks associated with technology, including network security, web‐ app security, virtual technology security, wireless security, general computer controls, software compliance, wireless deployments, and business continuity.

In every industry, technology is pervasive. Experienced consultants, like those at Securance, can best help companies identify the technology risk and the appropriate remediation, all at a significant cost‐benefit to the organization.

About the Maryland‐National Capital Park & Planning Commission
The Maryland‐National Capital Park and Planning Commission is a bi‐county agency empowered by the State of Maryland in 1927 to acquire, develop, maintain and administer a regional system of parks within Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, and to provide land use planning for the physical development of Prince George’s and Montgomery counties.

The Commission administers a park system of more than 52,000 acres. It is composed of stream valley parks, large regional parks, neighborhood parks and park‐school recreation areas. Its staff of career employees includes planners, park and recreation administrators, park police and administration staff. In addition, seasonal workers staff numerous park and recreation programs.

About Securance Consulting
Securance Consulting is a professional services firm delivering independent, full‐service IT and internal audit services, specializing in the niche market of technology risk consulting. The company, founded in 2002, is headquartered in Tampa, Florida and serves the continental United States.

Securance is staffed by audit consultants who have diverse backgrounds within the audit and information technology fields. They average 15 to 20 years of experience and hold certifications including CPA, CIA, CISA, CISSP and BCP.

Securance serves several major industries including automotive, communications, consumer products, defense, energy and utilities, entertainment and media, financial services, insurance, government, and healthcare.

For more information on Securance Consulting’s technology risk management services and software solutions, please contact us or call 877‐ 578‐0215.