Securance’s hardened network assessment will measure your network security posture and generate a customized report in less than a minute.

The assessment is divided into eight major sections based on the typical structure of an enterprise network and the security measures we recommend.

Each section contains up to 20 questions, categorized and weighted by their degree of importance to the organization’s overall network security posture:

  • essential
  • moderately security-focused
  • extremely security-focused
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high-level model hardened enterprise network

IT governance sets the foundation for an enterprise’s IT security posture. It requires an IT steering committee; IT policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines; and performance measures and metrics.
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Wide and metropolitan area networks (WANs and MANs) are used by organizations with multiple remote physical locations requiring direct connections to the core enterprise network. This section focuses on security measures and controls around WANs and MANs.
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All organizations have an Internet presence, Internet access, and third-party connections, for example, to cloud providers and strategic partners. This section focuses on the security and controls surrounding an organization’s Internet presence.
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Every organization with Internet access has an Internet service provider (ISP) and a firewall (ideally, a next-generation model) to protect IT assets from external threats. This section provides important security measures and controls related to the ISP and the Internet-facing firewall.
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Many organizations use web applications to interact with customers. As such, web applications are a critical component of the overall technology security posture. This section focuses on basic web-application security controls.
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In this section, we evaluate your internal network security posture with questions about core router and WiFi configurations. Properly configuring the core router and wireless controller is critical to a secure internal computing environment.
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The final section of the assessment focuses on enterprise applications and network storage. These questions provide insight into the effectiveness of your data security measures.
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The typical enterprise network has a directory service technology, such as Active Directory, a network access control (NAC) solution, and an access-layer switch with defined user VLANs. This section provides security measures and controls related to Active Directory, NAC, and access-layer switching.
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