Cybersecurity Resolutions for 2023

These reasonable resolutions will launch your organization’s cybersecurity in 2023.

Businesses can prepare for cyberattacks by developing a proactive risk management strategy to kickstart 2023. Phishing emails and ransomware continue to be prominent threats in this critical year for many security attacks. Focused security resolutions can help protect your company, customers, and data from cyber threats.


Top Cybersecurity Resolutions for 2023


Foster a Culture of Security Awareness

Companies can make employees their strongest line of defense against cyberattacks by establishing a culture of security awareness. Regular training and frequent reminders of these established rules can go a long way in protecting your networks and systems. Further, companies must consistently model a security culture with clear guidelines for safeguarding customer information and propriety data.

There are several ways savvy organizations can train employees to be proactive about securing their systems. Here are a few of the ways to get your organization started:

  • Report and delete suspicious emails.
  • Do not click on links or ads on untrusted websites.
  • Conduct regular social engineering campaigns to test your employees and staff.
  • Update your software as soon as possible.

Learn more about creating a security culture in our whitepaper, Unscammable: The Guide to Fostering a Culture of Security Awareness.


Maintain Security Hygiene

Companies that value protecting information, systems, and networks from cyberattacks practice good security hygiene. For example, using the most current versions of software, browsers, and operating systems, and installing critical updates and patches as soon as possible, is the best defense against viruses, malware, and other online threats.

At a minimum, consider the following measures as we push forward into 2023:

  • Conduct routine security assessments.
  • Enable operating systems’ firewalls.
  • Provide a secure company VPN for remote employees to connect to during normal business hours and have them disconnect from the VPN when not in use.
  • Implement security strategies, such as requiring multifactor authentication and avoiding unsecure Wi-Fi networks, for employees’ mobile devices.
  • Ensure the company Wi-Fi is secure and encrypted with the network name hidden.
  • Routinely back up your data and store copies of the backups off site or in the cloud.

For more guidance around your cyber hygiene, take our Hardened Network Assessment and get a free report customized to your organization’s unique needs, goals, and requirements.


Be Aware, but Be Prepared

Unfortunately, no one can eliminate the risk of cyberattacks. That’s why preparing an effective incident response plan (IRP) is vital. Your IRP should include clearly defined roles and responsibilities, detection and eradication methods, and preventive measures. With a strategy in place, your organization will understand your threat landscape, define your critical assets, and develop policies and procedures.

For advice on developing an IRP that works for your organization, download our whitepaper, Prepared for Peril: Incident Response Solutions for Ransomware and Cyber Threats.


Resolve to Find Peace

Organizations of every size struggle to set aside budgets to improve their defenses at a time when bad actors continue to exploit new technical vulnerabilities with ease. It can seem like cyber stability is out of reach, but working with a firm of experts can be an affordable way to build better cybersecurity.

For example, Securance’s Cybersecurity as a Service (CSaaS) bundle provides essential security services at a single, affordable price point. Your company can identify security threats before data, reputation, and finances are put at risk with assessments of network and system security, user security awareness, privileged access, and user provisioning.


Our 2023 Resolution: Your Cybersecurity

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