Cybersecurity as a Service: Breaking Through the Business Challenge

The past 10 years are marked by a record number of breaches— think Experian and Marriott Resorts—that captured the attention of consumers and encouraged companies to rethink their cybersecurity strategies. 

In an attempt to bolster security, organizations may rely on tasking strained IT departments with the responsibility, paying the steep price of new security hardware and software, or outsourcing cybersecurity functions to third-party firms that provide cybersecurity as a service (CSaaS).

For many, the latter strikes the perfect balance. CSaaS reduces the need to spend capital on security hardware and software and overtax IT staff by providing essential security assessments for a flat annual fee. CSaaS providers deliver the technical know-how and management that organizations require to remain secure against cyber threats at a fraction of the cost of the machinery, software, recruitment, and training required to support a sophisticated in-house cybersecurity program.

While CSaaS offerings vary between vendors, the main goal of the service is to relieve customers from the complexity and cost of staying on top of emerging security threats and developing effective mitigation strategies. Qualified professionals with decades of experience customize client solutions to strengthen security posture and provide long-term recommendations for maturing network and system security, user security awareness, and more.

Other benefits of this service can include:

  • Ability to scale services up or down as cybersecurity needs fluctuate
  • Freedom for internal IT teams to work on projects that accomplish other important business goals
  • Around-the-clock access to certified and experienced cybersecurity professionals
  • Pre-determined costs that reduce operational and labor expenses

Organizations that use CSaaS reduce cybersecurity risks while enjoying long-term cost savings. Click here to learn how your organization can do the same.