vCISO Services Help Cybersecurity and Compliance Goals at an Affordable Cost

Securance’s vCISO package provides an innovative, budget-friendly solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to achieve cybersecurity and compliance goals at an affordable cost.


With the growing security professional shortage, many organizations are scrambling to combat cybercrime. This has dramatically increased costs to hire and maintain security experts, pricing many SMBs out of the market. SMBs must choose between straining their current IT resources or abandoning their cybersecurity initiatives. Either way, they are more susceptible to cyberattacks that threaten to put them out of business.

To ease this burden, Securance offers vCISO services, an innovative way of providing SMBs with the same knowledge and expertise as a full-time, in-house Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) without breaking the bank. Securance’s standard vCISO package includes the following:

– Participation in executive meetings

– Information security management, governance, and policy development

– An annual IT security risk assessment and regular security assessments

– Cyber defense program development

– Incident management

– End user security awareness training program and development

Over the past 21 years, Securance has served hundreds of clients in nearly every industry, all with unique cybersecurity needs, IT environments, and business requirements. Securance’s experts designed the vCISO package to provide the assessments and insight SMBs need to make lasting, cost-effective security improvements.


Cybersecurity and Compliance at an Affordable Cost


Structure and Pricing

To replicate the benefits of a full-time CISO, Securance tailors its vCISO services to each client’s needs. The vCISO might be one consultant or a team of cybersecurity experts. This depends on the level of involvement the organization will require to achieve its security objectives.

Securance offers tiered pricing for its vCISO services at Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels and 100-hour blocks of on-demand services.

“Investing in qualified cybersecurity leadership is a proven way to reduce the costs and likelihood of a data breach,” said Paul Ashe, president of Securance, “The reality is that the demand for security professionals is only going to escalate. Our vCISO services provide a high degree of flexibility, executive expertise, and leadership, making the package ideal for the changing needs of SMBs.”

Securance’s senior IT consulting team weighed in on the severity of the cybersecurity workforce gap:





The need for qualified IT consultants increases every year, leaving SMBs with limited to no options when it comes to cybersecurity. Securance’s vCISO package seals the gap by providing senior cybersecurity leadership and expertise. SMBs can beat cybercrime at a fraction of the cost.