Cyber Risk Appetite Assessment

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The Business Challenge

Cyber risk management is a moving target, with attacks evolving, increasing, and having a larger impact on operations, finances, reputation, and services. Defining an organization’s cyber risk appetite (the amount of cyber risk it is willing to assume) is no small task. But, with the right help, your business can align its mission and values with its cybersecurity and risk management strategies and protect itself from cyber attacks.

How We Help

Securance’s senior IT consultants are experts in identifying and assessing cyber risks.

We analyze IT governance, technology architecture, IT operations, and the cybersecurity program to develop a customized cyber risk appetite statement. This statement includes a quantitative risk score and a qualitative statement explaining our reasoning and methods.

You will also receive an action plan mapping the cyber risk statement to your board’s overall business expectations. This will allow all levels of management and departments to understand the organization’s cyber risk appetite and to implement security and controls across the enterprise consistent with board expectations.

Is your risk appetite low or high?

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The Securance Difference

  1. Executive-level consultants provide hands-on leadership to ensure every project is a success. Each engagement is led by senior-level consultants with 20 or more years of experience.
  2. Our consultants leverage their experience to maximize efficiency. You can expect a board-ready draft report within one week after our assessment is done.
  3. In our reports, we translate technical findings into business risks that all stakeholders, in and outside of IT, can understand and appreciate.

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