Compliance vs Cybersecurity

Compliance and cybersecurity are not the same. One does not guarantee the other, but the concepts are interconnected.

Compliance and cybersecurity are not the same, but the concepts are interconnected. A rigorous information security program does not always fulfill the regulatory requirements of compliance. Similarly, one can check every compliance box and still overlook security gaps. One does not guarantee the other. Still, organizations that use a holistic approach to manage both can benefit greatly and stay ahead of regulatory changes and new threats.

First, let’s define both terms:

  • Compliance is adhering to a business policy, standard, specification, or law, whether voluntary or mandatory.
  • Cybersecurity is the state of being protected against criminal or unauthorized use of data, or the measures taken to achieve this.

What’s the difference between compliance and cybersecurity?

Compliance requires top-down leadership. If executives de-emphasize the importance of compliance and security, everyone else in the organization will treat them as encumbrances instead of best practices that promote business objectives. Leadership should foster a commitment to compliance and security by educating users about the critical role of compliance and urging employees to report issues when they find them.

Compliance objectives provide a shared language for how an organization can frame security concerns. Treating these regulations as a baseline is a practical and pragmatic starting point. Use compliance goals to lead into crucial areas of overall efforts.

Use a harmonious approach to risk, compliance, and cybersecurity management. A unified oversight of these segments creates checks and balances where employees comprehend and consider changes to evaluate their effect on the system. For example, companies with a unified process can quickly assess how a new patch management tool may impact compliance, risk, and overall system health.

Compliance and Cybersecurity Together

Evaluating security and compliance in tandem is a clear advantage for an agile, resilient, and efficient organization. No tools eliminate the need for regulatory compliance or cybersecurity, but organizations that integrate these measures make the most of their investments in both. Contact us to learn more about how to bring together these concepts at your organization.