From Cloud Adoption to Cloud Governance

Go from cloud adoption to cloud governance, an organization-wide strategy of implementing clear guidelines to maximize cloud benefits.

Cloud adoption is well underway for many organizations, due to its high performance, enhanced security, and lowered IT costs. However, more often than not, organizational leaders treat cloud adoption as a one-and done operation without implementing clear guidelines to maximize its benefits. Developing comprehensive rules for how to work with(in) the cloud obligates departments to hold themselves accountable to allotted budgets, maintain cloud security best practices, and switch the organization from a reactive to a proactive approach to cloud management, use, and security.

Cloud governance is an organization-wide strategy, not a technology. Establishing effective cloud governance requires people, leadership, and a vision just as much as it requires well-defined policies and procedures.


Cloud Governance

Cloud governance is the process of defining, implementing, and monitoring a framework of policies that guides an organization’s cloud operations. This process regulates how users work in cloud environments to facilitate consistent performance of cloud services and systems. Cloud governance is a component of IT governance, which is a component of the overall corporate governance strategy.

Cloud governance is not the same as cloud management, but they work together to accomplish a common goal, to effectively operate, control, optimize, and secure cloud infrastructure. Think of cloud governance as the track, the cloud as the train, and cloud management as the conductor. The track is laid, and the conductor is there to ensure a safe journey without the train derailing.

The cloud is vulnerable to various risks in the technological environment that need to be controlled. The governance policy facilitates risk management, achieves business objectives without compromising shareholders’ needs, and enables optimal utilization of the cloud infrastructure.


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Learn how to go from cloud adoption to cloud governance by building an effective cloud governance strategy that aligns with your overall corporate governance strategy and maximizes the full benefits the cloud has to offer with our whitepaper, “Ready, Set, Governance: Effective Cloud Governance Strategies for Your Business.