Beat Social Engineering with Cybersecurity Awareness

Beat social engineering with cybersecurity awareness, our best tool for thwarting social attacks.

Social engineers will do or say anything to exploit human interest and emotion— and persuade users to give up sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information (PII) and network credentials.



Follow these best practices to thwart attacks targeting your business and employees:

1. Instate mandatory staff training on optimal cyber hygiene.

2. Test user awareness with regular phishing simulations.

3. Embrace a no-shaming policy for those who fall victim to social engineering practices.


Security awareness training is no longer optional to beat social engineering. All industries looking to thwart cyber crimes should implement a security awareness program. Comprehensive user security awareness can help protect your data, time, and money. Contact us to learn more about how Securance has helped organizations develop effective defenses against social engineering attacks.

For an example of a superior security awareness program, download our white paper: Unscammable: The Guide to Fostering a Culture of Security Awareness.

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