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Driving value and improving technology while keeping costs low is imperative for the automotive industry. Smart investment in IT can help organizations achieve business goals and streamline the automotive process from start to finish.


The automotive industry is under steady pressure from consumers and competitors to add value and technology without significantly increasing costs. From manufacturing and R&D to the supply chain, this level of innovation requires an investment in information technology that integrates with business goals, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Implementing a complex IT infrastructure carries significant risks. Intellectual property could be compromised by data breaches. Operations could be interrupted by systems failures. Hackers could compromise system integrity.

There are a variety of ways to limit risk and enhance cybersecurity, from comprehensive risk management to implementing an IT governance framework that improves operations and security by establishing procedures and policies that reduce errors and define best practices.

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Since 2002, Securance has empowered enterprises to assume proactive security, compliance, and risk management strategies. Through independent assessments of our clients’ IT organizations, infrastructure, and internal controls, we identify the risks, vulnerabilities, compliance gaps, and operational inefficiencies hampering business and IT objectives and provide valuable insights that drive sustainable improvements in cybersecurity, risk management, and the alignment of business and IT.

Our engagements are led by executives with over 20 years of experience in IT security, risk management, and compliance. They are involved in the project from start to finish —from planning to reporting.

We focus on identifying technical risks within our clients’ IT environments before they turn into business risks, such as information security incidents, outages, or loss of reputation.


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