Are Passwords Obsolete?

The recent string of high-profile data breaches (think Anthem, Equifax, and MyFitnessPal) involving the theft of usernames and passwords have taught us that password-only authentication is a thing of the past. Between outdated password hashing algorithms and users’ tendency to reuse passwords across multiple websites, passwords are just too easy for hackers to crack.

Particularly when it comes to sensitive and personal data, such as health and financial information, consumers are accepting of — and even demanding — stronger authentication methods than traditional static passwords. The challenge for businesses is determining which authentication method(s) they can implement without negatively impacting the customer experience, and, because no method is 100-percent secure, without introducing risks that they aren’t prepared to assume.

From multi-factor authentication to biometrics, behavioral biometrics, and social login, there are several alternatives to passwords, some more secure than others. Click here to learn more about the pros and cons of five popular alternatives.