5 Ways to Kickstart Cybersecurity in 2024

In 2024, businesses must resolve to be proactive in combatting cyberattacks. Threats like phishing emails and ransomware continue to pose significant risks. Companies must focus on safeguarding their data, customers, and overall business.

  1. Strategize: Developing an Incident Response Plan (IRP) is essential to help protect your organization. Your IRP should clearly outline roles and responsibilities, detection and eradication methods, and other preventive measures. By having a strategy, your organization can better understand your threat landscape, identify critical assets, and establish policies and procedures.
  2. Defend: Defend against viruses, malware, and other online threats by using the latest software, browsers, and operating systems and installing critical updates and patches as soon as possible. Conducting regular security assessments, enabling operating systems’ firewalls, and providing a secure company VPN for remote employees are additional ways to defend your data.
  3. Test: To ensure you’re always on top of potential vulnerabilities, start a Penetration Test (Pen Test) regimen. Regular testing allows your company to continuously improve its security program and stay ahead of evolving threats.
  4. Add Layers: Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is another security layer critical to protecting against compromised credentials. While complex passwords can still be leaked or cracked, MFA provides extra protection. When employees are required to verify their identity to access corporate applications, networks, and servers, the likelihood of a data breach is significantly reduced.
  5. Train: Regular training and reminding employees of established rules can help safeguard your networks and systems. Companies must model a security culture with clear guidelines for protecting customer information and proprietary data.


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