2022 Cybersecurity Predictions

2022 will see cyber threats and challenges from 2021 increase. Preparing for the worst will be in everyone’s best interests in the new year.

Defending against cyber criminals, who have spent the last two decades honing their craft, will task IT security experts to the limit in 2022. Here are a handful of our cybersecurity predictions for the new year.

Escalation of Cyber Attacks

The amount, frequency, and destructiveness of cyber attacks will continue to worsen in 2022. With easy access to ransomware-as-a-service and exploitative malware kits, the bar to entry as a hacker is lower than ever. Hacking is risky, but, for many, the potential costs are worth the risk, especially with ransomware attacks raking in thousands, even millions, of dollars. Because cybersecurity laws and penalties are less severe or nonexistent in foreign countries, we can expect the number of cyber criminals to soar outside the U.S., with hackers recruiting insiders at the companies they want to compromise.

Supply chain attacks will also ramp up, particularly against the healthcare, energy, and financial industries, as they invest in new technologies and connect with more vendors.

Ransomware Rising

Ransomware has been implicated in two deaths in the past two years, as it continues to target healthcare organizations. The danger will only increase in 2022, as ransomware groups disband into freelancers, due to FBI pressure, and add their specific expertise to multiple attacks throughout the year.

Dark Web Economy

Cyber crime will exist until it is no longer profitable. Multi-million-dollar ransomware attacks have made cyber criminals incredibly wealthy. Funding from illicit activities will spur innovation, organization, and capability, attracting new blood and perpetuating cyber crime. It is only a matter of time before cyber gangs become corporations, changing hands, growing, and funding their own dark web economy.

Increased Focus on Cybersecurity

Now for the good news: in response to elevated cyber attacks, C-level executives and small business owners will increase cybersecurity efforts, funding, and awareness. According to Gartner, 40 percent of boards will have a dedicated cybersecurity committee overseen by a qualified board member by 2025.

2022 will undoubtedly be a year of unprecedented challenges. To better understand your cyber risk profile, contact our experts.

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