Enterprise Risk Assessment

Enterprise Risk Assessment
The Business Challenge

Every business faces risks, but not every business is equipped to deal with risk efficiently and effectively. Management needs the tools and knowledge to be actively involved with risk management decisions and provide leadership that aligns risk mitigation with business objectives.

How We Help

We can help you make integrated risk management part of your organization’s culture. We go beyond risk identification by focusing on four key objectives:

  • Empower management to make educated, informed risk management decisions
  • Assist management with regulatory compliance initiatives
  • Secure IT systems that store, process, or transmit organization information
  • Define chains of authorization and approval for IT systems

Contact us if your business is ready to reduce risk and streamline operations.

The Details

We’ve developed a six-step risk assessment methodology that streamlines Enterprise Risk Assessment and can be aligned with COSO, CoBIT, ITIL, and other leading control frameworks.

  1. Enterprise Risk Identification
  2. Risk Prioritization
  3. Risk Mitigation Strategy Identification
  4. Mapping Risk to Management’s Policies and Control Procedures
  5. Mapping Policies and Control Procedures to Control Objectives
  6. Mapping Control Objectives to Specific Organizational Control Activities