Entertainment & Media


The pace of change for E&M companies is extreme. Customers want on-demand delivery and content that engages them on multiple levels. Competitors want to find ways to deliver those things faster than anyone else. At the center of these desires is something that hackers and counterfeiters love: digital content and intellectual property.

This makes privacy and security crucial to E&M companies. If your systems can be breached, you are vulnerable to service disruptions, customer data leaks, stolen intellectual assets, and copyright infringement. Protecting data and IP from hackers and thieves is more critical to the entertainment industry, because many countries offer few legal protections from pirates and counterfeiters.

Luckily, there are many ways to enhance cyber security. Risk management and assessment allow companies to understand the threats they face and devise mitigation and remediation strategies that fit with business priorities. Penetration testing offers the opportunity to test digital defenses before hackers take aim. IT governance protects companies from mistakes and errors by establishing sensible and mature policies and procedures. When it comes to cyber security threats to intellectual property, prevention is the best protection.