3 Ways to Crack Down on Insider Threat



Protecting company data means more than keeping external threats at bay.

According to IBM’s 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, 60 percent of data breaches are caused by someone whose face you might have seen around the office. Three-quarters of those breaches involved malicious intent. While motives vary from foreign allegiance, to financial gain, to general disdain for the enterprise, the fact is, malicious insiders do your company harm. Here’s how to stop them.

Utilize Deep Analytics. Monitoring user behavior, such as login times and system access patterns, can help your IT department identify deviations in user behavior and isolate cyber security risks. Risk analysis software can detect excess access permissions and assign a risk score to each suspicious activity it identifies, so you can prioritize responses to security incidents and events.

Establish an Information Security Team. Heaping responsibility for cyber security onto overworked IT staff is not the solution. Your security team should be dedicated to identifying, detecting, remediating and preventing security threats, risks, and vulnerabilities. This team should start by performing a comprehensive risk analysis to identify critical assets, system vulnerabilities, process risks, and determine how to improve user training and incident response plans.

Train Your Staff. Sometimes, the insider is simply an unaware, negligent employee who means no harm. Ensure that all employees are trained in corporate security policies and procedures, compliance requirements, and best practices. Reinforce key points through  newsletters, emails, and staged phishing attacks.