Public Sector

Public Sector


From known challenges — budgetary restrictions, legacy systems, compliance requirements, and the looming consequences of a data breach should security measures prove inactive — to zero-day vulnerabilities and unknown threats “in the wild,” public sector security leaders carry the weight of the nation on their shoulders. For government agencies, securing mission-critical data means keeping matters of national security and the personally identifiable information (PII) of citizens out of the hands of hackers and hostile nation-states. Private sector organizations face similar difficulties, but the stakes aren’t as high. Federal, and even state and municipal, agencies contend with more threats, higher-value information, and bigger losses in the aftermath of a cyberattack.

Sturdy defenses are critical, but end-of-life technologies, limited human and financial resources, and ever-evolving threats make successful deployment far from simple. Choose a partner who knows your hardships, the risks involved, and how to overcome them with best practice solutions tailored to your technology environment. Securance has over 15 years of experience helping federal, state and local governments safeguard critical systems and data, manage risks, and meet regulatory requirements.

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Federal Contract Vehicles

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State and Local Contract Vehicles

  • Citizens Property Insurance Corporation - Internal Audit Consulting Services Contract #17-16-0005-11
  • City and County of San Francisco - IT Audit Services Pre-Qualified Consultant List
  • City of Orlando - Internal Audit Services Contract #RFP15-0074-03
  • City of Phoenix - IT Professional Services Qualified Vendor List
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylania - Master IT Services Invitation to Qualify Contract #4400014150
  • Cook County - Information Technology Consulting and Support Services Pre-Qualified Vendor Pool
  • New York City Financial Information Services Agency and Office of Personnel Management - Information Technology and Other Consultant Services Agreement - Contract #PIN127FY1700001
  • Georgia Technology Authority - Master Agreement for IT Security Services - Contract #98000-30-M
  • Miami-Dade County - IT Consulting Services Contract #9241-0/15
  • State of Minnesota - Professional and Technical Services SITE Master Contract #88689
  • State of Montana - Master Contract for Information Technology Services - Contract #SPB15-2895P
  • State of Tennessee - Statewide Contract for IT Projects (SWC 405 IT Projects) - Contract #0000000000000000000044442
  • University of Kansas - Master Consulting Services Agreement